Award winning drama about a  woman afraid to leave her house who must solve the mysterious disappearance of her husband to unlock a mind-bending truth that she must face alone. 

Solitary has been distributed worldwide and received multiple awards during it’s festival run. What that critics say:

“The film is an ingenious cheat on its limitations, focusing on internal horror and paying off with a white-knuckle third act twist that is just as frightening as anything a big-budget shocker could muster.” Chris Alexander– Fangoria Magazine

“A brilliant work by director Greg Derochie… reminiscent of early Alfred Hitchcock.” Richard Boyle – San Bernardino Sun

“…well crafted, beautifully shot… really keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Helen Stephenson – Prescott Film Festival

“I thoroughly enjoyed Solitary!” Stan Robinson – AZWeekly Magazine

“…the film cleverly interlocks mystery and drama to create an illusive film that is as intriguing as it is addicting.” Stephen Davis – College Movie Review